Automotive industry is moving towards hybrid, increasing vehicle safety, electrification, Autonomous, shared, lightweight, connected and more. Our product engineering support ease the OEM & Tier 1 supplier in adopting latest technology.

The powerful tools have allowed various organizations to get a headway in product engineering and to explore various effective design options that may be available, in minimum time.

Product Development

We have the capability to design and engineer over a whole range of activities as shown below

Interior & Exterior Trims

Cockpit modules


Front grille

Seat trims

Pillar trims

Luggage trims

CAD Services

Design and styling

Styling feasibility study

Layout & Packaging

Design for assembly & Manufacturing

Adaptation of existing design to new vehicle variants

Plastic Mould, Stamping die, Pressure Die Casting Die, Jigs & Fixture design

Scanning and reverse engineering

Onsite manpower deployment

CAE service

Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear and Non-linear Dynamic, Buckling, Modal, Transient simulations.

The services are widely used in the different fields such as real world technologies, autonomous and commercial vehicles, aerospace technology, entertainment industry, consumer market and many other areas and completely control the effects of Stress durability and fatigue.