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Product Design

With us, bringing out a concept to a product becomes a quick and easy process. We take the clients ideas and start the phase of project planning which includes comprehending the ideas and the methodology to implement those ideas considering the pros and cons of each idea.

Minimizing the errors, assessing the risks, managing the costs involved, and gauging the success of the project is done at this step. Morphological analysis and Brainstorming will generate the ideas, which will be evaluated as a concept.

The conceptualized designs are studied for any more design alterations. This results in a well-refined product. The phase of product engineering is important in a development task. Our team of engineers is well experienced which helps us deliver extraordinary designs into quality products.

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CAE - Virtual Simulations

At Macbro Tech, we provide validations and simulations for a product before it becomes operational. We give an in-depth risk analysis and increased commitment while providing solutions that are sustainable in the long run.

With our technology and team of well-equipped engineers, we provide simulations and testing for a range of products, thus creating a reliable product. We are also equipped to offer custom-designed services for virtually all the domains and not only pertaining to Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Consumer, and Industrial Products.

We also provide Computational Fluid Dynamics which helps our customers to evaluate a product for its performance and efficiency without making changes to the actual product. This saves time and cost involved.

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Mould and Die Design

MACBRO Technology provides moulding design and fabrication with the necessary tooling. This enables us to design and manufacture plastic injection moulds and dies as per the customer’s requirements. We are having the expertise to offer mould design solutions to customers from the Automotive, Aerospace and General Appliance industries. We have the capability to produce mould designs and tooling of part features with tolerances of one-thousandth of an inch.

We offer services to CAD model parts, study the feasibility of its tooling, and detail the mould design. Our expertise is channelled to satisfy our customers tooling needs.

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Strategic Staffing

Competitive world places a demand to have the best resources available. Error margin can be reduced, by having the right people for the job. The difference between success and failure depends on the availability of these people at the right time.

MACBRO Technology provides Staffing Solutions, where we build upon the existing workforce of our customers, by providing them with highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals who have the necessary skill set for the duration of the project. This model also offers flexibility to our customers, where the buffer resources need not be maintained on permanent payroll, thereby bringing down the costs involved. In this engagement model, the resources deputed will directly report to the managers of the customers.

With an ever-expanding database, we are also able to provide CVs of technical professionals who are already scrutinized and shortlisted. Our customers can make use of this model to save on time and cost involved in recruiting a resource into their payroll.

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