CAE – Virtual Simulation


CAE – Virtual Simulation

We/ our process starts by first defining the analysis of the mathematical phenomenon. Next, the equations have to be defined. Finally, a model of physical configuration is created. This model may consist of 2-D or 3-D figures/shapes/curves/surfaces. This model is than applied to an actual production mechanism to design and develop the product.

Our FEM packages to model diverse aspects like boundary conditions, loads and material properties. Automatically generate input files for structural result. As we innovate new, improved products, our design evolves through a large number of incremental changes on the real world product performance

product includes best-in-class simulation tool that provides the most comprehensive set of physics models of any industrial Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tool.

Full Vehicle Modelling and Assembly

Durability and fatigue life predictions

Coupled Thermal and Structural Analysis

Design Optimization & Dynamics and kinematics

WE offers the following CAE services:

Full Vehicle Modelling and Assembly

Linear / Non-Linear Analysis, Boundary & Contact Static Analysis

Full vehicle crash analysis (FMVSS/CMVSS/IIHS/EURO-NCAP/J-NCAP)

Body/Chassis and suspension durability and fatigue life predictions

Design Optimization

NVH – Trim body and full vehicle.

Coupled Thermal and Structural Analysis

Vehicle dynamics and kinematics

CFD – Under-hood thermal management/HVAC/Aerodynamics studies